by Snooze

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Oskar Columb
Oskar Columb thumbnail
Oskar Columb Literally no reason not to buy this. It is impossible to not enjoy this. Favorite track: Amicus Pawsterum.
CK thumbnail
CK Hidden under this beautifully composed hard math rock composition is the journey of the life of man's best friend. This album begs to be listened to on repeat through and through not only for the music but also to be present with our new friend and listen to their story. It is deep and complex and so full of love and earnestness. This is the best story I've heard in years. Favorite track: Dig Doug.
Jacob Parke
Jacob Parke thumbnail
Jacob Parke Seriously the best thing I have heard in a long long time. Favorite track: Comfy.
Jack thumbnail
Jack Snooze gives me hope. Do a tour with CHEEM maybe? Favorite track: 'Tis I! The Good Boy!.
luca vincent
luca vincent thumbnail
luca vincent the greatest math-metal cyclical dog concept album of all time Favorite track: 'Tis I! The Good Boy!.
Jonathan Romero
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Jonathan Romero Another banger by the best Chicago math rock band imo.(we miss you Piglet) The lyrics are some of the most creative and truly heartbreaking things I've ever had the pleasure to experience.

infinity/10 would hold my dog and cry again while blasting on repeat. Favorite track: Dig Doug.
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released May 3, 2019

Recorded, edited, and mixed by Jarrett Pryzgoda of Sleeping Bear Audio at Kiwi Audio
Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering
Album art by Pauli Mia


all rights reserved



Snooze Chicago, Illinois

a happy heavy mathrock band from the Chicago burbs

Familiaris Vinyl Preorders at chokeartist.storenvy.com

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Track Name: Amicus Pawsterum
enter the material that makes up all of us
something peculiar is happening to those carbon molecules
after an endless span of time
this was bound to happen, and also was never
statistically significant
everything we know has an equal chance at existing
and being infinite nothing and not existing
what makes all life, against all odds,
has prevailed to bring us a message
"hello! In about 3 billion years
you will evolve into probably the greatest creature
in the known universe
a dog"
Track Name: Floating Rib
single cells forming
from select forms of
compounds will sublimate
others will congregate
specialize based on fate,
or some random event
billions of years dictate
if you'll be a bone or face
whisker or wagging tail
who knows what this will entail?
all together we form a little
sphere of potential
Track Name: Have I Got the Friend for You
time spans
five fingered hands have a hand in
making the companion of man
or an extension
soon you will be digging holes
for the bones that are not your own
you have grown out of necessity and
to our luck
you'll be someone’s
best friend
desperately needed
you will mean everything to them
loyal to the end
you'd die for them
hmmm i am sensing you are almost
fully grown and ready to be
thrust into the infinite
and seemingly endless
world we live in
it is almost time
Track Name: Hold On
hold on
i can tell you cannot stand
the overwhelming light in
your eyes
soon you'll be the light
in someone's life
i am sure you'll have a lot
of questions
(why am i here)
i'm not sure i can answer them
(what kind of sorcery is this)
i am sure you'll have a lot
of questions
(why am i here)
experience will surely answer them
(specifically in a state when)
guaranteed once
i can feel
what you call blades of grass on my four
what you call paws and i can't
explain the way it makes me yearn for more
light upon my coat holds tight
pressure on my paws and the walks outside
dirt bath bliss
roll around
what is this what is it on about
what is this?
the joy is viscous and divine
scent sensations echo in my mind
you are of a different kind
intentions purely undefined
i know that when i'm with you
i'm up for anything
as long as the anything's
like everything i've seen
a day serene and sweet
ending with my head between my feet
there’s no time to ask you why
forever for now, goodbye
Track Name: Separation Anxiety
come back
i'm so glad that you're home
where did you go?
i don't know why i am
Getting so emotional i barely even
(don't freak out, i am back)
know who you are, and still can't
stand to see you go
well we're here now
and it's time to say
what i've been thinking for
what seems like an eternity
why do i falter
when you are farther
from me?
i can't understand
why i can simply not
get enough after this short
time we've spent together
i can't understand these words
you're speaking and not to
take away from the fact that they
are music to my ears
i can’t understand why you
would ever choose someone like me
i am confused yet grateful
and enthused
because of you i've been given a
life is only so potent
i can't ever repay you
again, thank you
Track Name: Dig Doug
on account of the
onslaught of the
beams eclipsed by tufts of white
i propose
we should go
on a ride where my sight and smell go wild
the park, the park, or the other park
i am quite fond of the other park
go retrieve the leash i always nibble on
met with equal parts frustration and a sigh
of disarmament; i'm just so darn cute when i do it
when will i find the friend who went in this spot first?
when will i finally meet you?
when will i have to go home?
the edges of the day have smeared
and i will wait here
Track Name: Good Eater Award
time spans
a dozen spins and you
seem like you're tired
but then you hear those magic words
"who's my good boy?"
Track Name: 'Tis I! The Good Boy!
tis i the good boy
boy it’s such a sight to see
all my loved ones gathered round me
suspicious as it may seem
paired with your looks of worry,
i'm still happy!
thank you all for coming!
to what, i'm still learning;
what do you mean i was shaking?
shaking, seizing
these words hold no meaning
why are you crying?
did i do something?
hurt you i would never
i'm trying to remember but everything was black
"you were someone's best friend; mine."
what do you mean, "were?"
you can't mean
Track Name: Comfy
i know what you're about to say
and yes, i want to stay
and now the look that's on your face
is not at all
not at all comforting
this table is too cold for me
i am starting to worry
i don't want to leave your side and
i just want to go outside but
will i ever get up from this uncomfortable table?
when will my body give up
funny, that much i'm sure it's able
i can't stand the thought of being here one minute and the next i'm
"in his final minutes we want to make sure he's comfy"
is that really the last words i"ll ever hear?
the last sight, your eyes filled with tears?

"we won't forget you"

a bright light and endless shapes
it's overwhelming
Track Name: Rainbow Bridge
i left my friends, i left my body, what’s happened?
and am i dead? or did i ever
exist at all?
something tells me no
memories fading
you did exist. you did and you do
atoms are far away from where they used to be
you used to be
one wouldn't call you dead
you're just less organized than you used to be
you were the greatest friend they ever knew
while you may not remember anything,
all of their lives were forever changed by you
while they will not forget a single thing
but i digress
you are here now
and i must reintroduce you to
the carbon molecules
the material that
makes up all of us

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